Saturday, August 23, 2008

Wichita Wingnuts

Last night, we went to our first Wichita Wingnuts - AA baseball - game. (The Wranglers left us). We get a kick out of their name and their cute mascot...a squirrel.

I forgot my camera. :( We got there about an hour before game time and ate. We watched the Saltdogs get their one run and saw lots of foul balls fly into the stands...while Tyler climbed on us. Wayne was quickly ready to leave (after the first inning and only 45 minutes of game time)! I couldn't talk him into staying. I can't believe I was the one who wanted to stay either. Though Tyler was very sad about this and was not ready to go, Wayne easily bribed him with stopping for a "treat" (ice cream) on the way home.

We only know the results of the game from their website:

"Wingnuts stun, eliminate Saltdogs with ninth inning rally August 23,2008
WICHITA, KS- Silent for eight innings, Wichita's bats came alive for a ninth inning rally and the Wingnuts beat the Lincoln Saltdogs 2-1 in front of 6,093 fans at Lawrence Dumont Stadium on Friday Night. "


Melissa said...

ha! that's exactly what happened when we went to a lancaster barnstormers game! except the climbing on me ... and we went late in the game, thinking it would be more exciting, but we still only stayed one inning.

Melody Stuckey said...

At least we're not the only ones! :)