Friday, February 25, 2011

Aubrey lately

I've been meaning to write about Aubrey for a couple of weeks now.

I didn't want to forget that at 13 months, we are starting to understand a little more of her babbling. Dada is now specific to Daddy and she is finally saying Mama when she is talking to, crying for me. She says mmmm for moo (the only animal noise she tries to make). She imitates the satisfied "ahhh" after a drink. Uh for uh oh. And her own version of ow, as she kind of demonstrated here: (I really wish I would learn to stop talking on video)! :)

She is waving, giving high 5's, gives hugs to stuffed toys and other toddlers...whether she knows them or not...whether they are interested in reciprocating or not, pointing, reaching, and is more...opinionated about what she wants. :) Daddy has been demonstrating how to give a thumbs up and snapping, and Aubrey has her own versions of both. She also throws up her shoulder like the video below. Sometimes she is being playful, sometimes she is trying to get her big brother out of her space. :)

She loves socks. Waving them around. Chewing on them. Trying to put them on her feet...

She also loves wearing her jacket. She often points to it and gives a little whine, her way of asking to put it on.

Suddenly, when she turned 1, she became very interested in books. She brings books to be read and likes to just look at books. I was feeling guilty because I hadn't read to her nearly as much as I did to Tyler in his first year. So, I'm glad that she brings books to be read and sometimes just enjoys looking through them over and over.

Here she is wearing her hat and being a goofball.

And finally, this morning she was trying on Tyler's jacket.

Friday, February 18, 2011


Yesterday Wayne and Aubrey headed to the zoo and Wayne was on the evening news!

Later last evening, Wayne was leaving the car wash and the Extreme Home Makeover bus drove by. Fun! :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Watch Out!

"Dad, you'll never believe what Skyler [boy on the bus] said. He said, watch out! All the girls like you."

Gave Wayne and I a giggle. :)