Tuesday, April 29, 2014


He claims that he was joking about he and dad doing stuff they're not supposed to do. Hmmmm... ;)


We had a few long unfinished projects to take care of. So, Saturday, we spent a couple of hours rounding up the materials we needed. Aubrey suited up with the Menards tool belt they gave her. She takes helping very seriously, apparently.

Well, except for when she's chatting up the staff or being silly, of course.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sue's Retirement

April 22nd was the Hesston College retirement party at the Water's Edge. Sue invited us to celebrate her retirement of 27 years.  We enjoyed celebrating the retirement of Sue, Sena Osborne, Lorna Harder, Nelson Kilmer, Marion Bontrager and Hugo Boschmann. For alumni, I think it's hard to imagine campus without all of these HC legends. There were also numerous other staff moving on to different roles. 

They served Chicken Bryan, potatoes, green beans, salad and cake. 

Each person moving on was recognized for their service with a speech about what they had done and what were moving on to do. We enjoyed watching a picture collage video of pictures of those people who were leaving through their years at the college. 

Then, for the retirees, a colleague gave a speech about them, then the retiree gave a little speech.

Sue talked about the things she wouldn't miss (cutting and burning her hands, unloading the Sysco delivery, etc), as well as the things she would miss (celebrating, grieving, and sharing life with in the tight-knit HC community). Sue reminisced about her family connection to HC as well, with having both Wayne and Rachel attend there.

She got a little choked up and many of us got teary with her.

They also had a nice video at the end with colleagues and students saying some nice words about the retiree.
Ken Rodgers closed the evening by leading us in 606/118 which always warms my heart and reminds me of my time at HC.

Pat and Lisa kindly watched the kids for us so we could relax and enjoy celebrating with Sue.

Aubrey and Eli were busy being Captain America and Captain America Girl saving baby animals and defeating the Green Goblin. ;)

Monday, April 21, 2014


Saturday, we enjoyed dying eggs with food dye. So easy and fun to adjust the colors however we wanted. Plus, I didn't have to buy an egg dying kit to keep track of. ;)

Sunday, Aubrey woke bright and early and was thrilled with the little Easter bunny and Cadbury egg hanging from her door.

She got to open an Easter card from Great-Grandma Billie, which made her very happy. 

Then it was off to Hesston to celebrate with Grandpa and Grandma Stuckey for the Easter service, followed by an Egg hunt and a delicious Easter feast!

It was a little tough to get a family picture...

This egg hunting is serious business!


Sometimes they fight, yes. But sometimes they are so sweet to each other. Even though this was a competition of who could climb up the stairs or scale the slide and reach the top first, they had a fabulous time, laughing and having fun...and neither got hurt!

Last weekend we got snow! I had just planted my garden (in 87 degree weather) a few days before. So, I  had to cover up my newly planted tomatoes and peppers in anticipation of the weather.

 I had asked Mom to mail out Aubrey's helmet that we had accidentally left there last summer as she wants to ride all the time now. Aubrey couldn't have been more thrilled with her new pink bicycle helmet!  A surprise for both of us. Mom said that the cost of mailing the old one was so close to a new one with no shipping. It all worked out for Aubrey who sometimes just wears it for fun.

We planted at Shumard Oak on April 12. Hopefully it survives so we can remember when it was once so little.


Static Electricity!

Her new unicorn that she now sleeps with.

Singing to her "sisters" with her favorite red socks. 

March 29

Tyler is playing soccer this spring with two of his good friends, Devon and Michael. This was at the first soccer game of the season.

Then, that evening, we went mini-golfing with the Jabergs. Eli and Aubrey are just too cute together.

Kansas City for Spring Break

During Spring Break, we decided we needed a little getaway. So, March 20-21, we took an overnight trip to Kansas City. 

First, a stop for Wayne at Dynamic Discs in Emporia. 

Then lunch at Oklahoma Joe's. So good!

Then, on to Legoland!

After dinner at a local Mexican restaurant and a stop at Trader Joe's, we were worn out. But, of course the kids knew there was a pool, so they had a little swim before bed.

The next morning, we enjoyed a delicious breakfast at First Watch, then on to Sea Life aquarium.

And, finally, on to the Art Museum.

Tyler showing his Lego version of the Art Museum (he created the day before at Legoland) in front of the real thing.

We didn't spend as much time in the art museum as we could have. We had packed a lot in and were getting tired, so we hit the road and headed home.

The next morning, I got this picture of Tyler...:)