Saturday, October 25, 2014


We were so happy to have a chance to see Bob and Isabel. Ted and Sue brought them down for an evening visit on Tuesday. We were treated to a delicious dinner out and were able to catch up a bit afterward. Bad job, me. I didn't get any pictures.

This week, we were asked to send a 12-month outfit, 2 pairs of socks and a pie pumpkin to school for a project. I found the one baby outfit I had not passed down of Tyler's was this Steeler's outfit. So, that's what we sent.

Friday, Tyler came home with "Jerry."  How fun!

I think Jerry will become a permanent Fall fixture in our house. :) (With a newly decorated head every year, of course). 


Just ran across this picture from earlier this month...

One evening, October 7th to be exact, I had turned the garden sprinkler on (we're still harvesting tomatoes, peppers and basil), and Aubrey was playing in the garden.

A few of Aubrey-isms I don't want to forget.
- A massage is a "suhmahj." (I don't know how to spell it, but you get it, right)?

- Remember is "renember."

Papa's Pumpkin Patch - October 18

Last Saturday was a gorgeous day to go to the pumpkin patch.

My view while waiting on Tyler to go through the corn maze.

The slide

Barell train ride


Corn sheller - free labor ;)

The pumpkin patch is behind them...I was engrossed with actually looking for pumpkins and forgot to take a picture of that part. Oops. :)

Mr Peanut - October 18

Running errands on a Saturday morning and ran into Mr. Peanut. 

Fall Pictures

Monday, October 6, 2014

Tyler is 10!

This morning started with birthday donuts - a pine cone for Tyler. And Wayne picked up donuts to take for his school birthday treat as well. After school, Aubrey and I picked him up from school. In the car, she asked if I could see my "ten year-old."

For dinner, we went to Kobe Steakhouse per Tyler's request. We enjoyed our chef. Aubrey was enamored and complimented him several times.  Tyler appreciated his punny jokes.

Nervously anticipating the shrimp toss...


Aubrey getting ready...

And getting hit in the nose by the shrimp. :)

Then home to Facetime with the Showalters and open gifts from the Showalters, Grandpa Millers, and from us.

A happy day. Hard to believe he's double digits. 

Last week, Tyler was the All Star Student at school for "Putting an outstanding effort into all of his assignments. He is kind to everyone!" At conferences, his teacher showed us his excellent grades, but also praised his quiet leadership, diligence in his school work and kindness to everyone. 
He made this mama very proud of the young man he is and is becoming. 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Get Air

Tonight, Tyler celebrated his 10th birthday with some friends at Get Air.

Here he's showing me what he wants me to take a picture of. (Not wanting to pose for a picture just smiling, of course).

But, instead, jumping into the foam pit.

Abe diving into the pit.

Leo, Tyler, Aubrey, and Abe.

Kala, Aubrey, Devon, Michael, Leo and Tyler...clearly I can't get a decent trampoline shot with my iPhone.

Time for dessert...tiramisu, cupcakes and drinks.

Silly Leo.

Chatting with Michael.

Our party guests...Leo and Abe.


And Michael...Aubrey finally succeeded in photo bombing.


The weather has been beautiful this weekend. Last night, the kids were playing on the deck when they saw this little visitor. 


We squeezed in a little art museum time last weekend because Aubrey specifically requested to go back to the glass floor (above Chihuly glass). Just a few pics from our visit...

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Saturday Fun

Yesterday, Wayne participated in the Discraft Ace Race. So, I decided to put our season pass to good use and took the kids to Exploration Place for the afternoon.

They had a great time and I'm happy that we can look forward to going back again soon.

Enjoying the tornado simulator.

Cranking the propellers. 

Flight Simulator

The Wright Brothers simulator was getting tricky.

And, for the longest time, Aubrey played in the castle and Tyler was building Keva planks.

I rarely go to the mall, but last week Aubrey and I made a quick trip to look at sales. We were ready to pay and leave when she ran away from me...just long enough that I started to panic. So, when I saw this "running" punishment/sign, I laughed and asked her to pose for me.  Silly.

The little princess...with tennis shoes. :P

Tyler's Keva plank creation. He worked long and hard on it!

After, we went to Yo-B's for a snack (frozen yogurt) then to the library for some fresh reading material for the kids. Too bad I think I only wore myself out. I was ready for bed by 7! :)