Saturday, May 19, 2012


Aubrey, of course, continues to grow and change quickly. She is spunky and sweet. She's also a ham. Here's a little video of her entertaining me while in her bath tonight:

Some of her often repeated lines:

"Wait a minute (look thoughtfully away)...I an idea!"

"A ______ so cute!" (Usually, "A baby so cute").

"I a choppa chips!" (chocolate chips)

"I a ban-aid too?" (I need a bandaid too).

Since we got our trampoline last weekend, "Jumpa jump?"

She is often asking to watch Umizoomi.

She points to her belly, "Belly screen!"

Every now and then we get to do the "Craaaaaazy shaaaaaake!"

Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend Visit

About a week ago, my Mom called and asked whether Dad could fly out for this past weekend for a quick visit, as he had a funeral to attend in Hutchinson. Um, of course!

My sister, Lynette, (who I haven't seen in 2 years since they moved to Thailand) happened to be visiting in Indiana at the time with her husband, Rusty, and my 4 month-old nephew, Henry. Mom added an extra special bonus: Lynette and Henry would come along too.

I'm pretty much the luckiest girl in the world.

I love my family. Unfortunately, we live all spread out from Washington to Delaware. So, we treasure the time we have together. We did a little  shopping, caught up and played with the kids.

Here are a few shots from our weekend...

Henry getting a little ride in the backpack. He is such an expressive, giggly, smiley little love.

Lynette and Henry 05-12-2012

Tyler rides, Lynette and Henry walk along

Aubrey tries out the new trampoline

Bright eyed Henry playing with Sue

Tyler got to spend a couple nights in the hotel with Grandpa Norm. He had a great time. On Sunday, for Mother's Day, Dad took him to the store to pick out his own Mother's Day card and they came back with some roses too. How sweet. We went out to eat at Gindi for lunch - Thai and Japanese. Yum!
Mother's Day 2012

Afterwards, we headed to the park.

Grandpa pushing Aubrey 05-13-2012

Henry 05-13-2012

Lynette and Aubrey 05-13-2012

Dad and Wayne 05-13-2012

Dad and Henry 05-13-2012

Aubrey was a little jealous when I was holding Henry. It kind of surprised me - but I guess there are not many times when she has to share me.


Love you guys! :)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Wednesday, Wayne got all of our bikes ready for the season and began working with Tyler on increasing his confidence on his bike. We spent a long time watching Tyler go back and forth between driveways. Aubrey excitedly cheered "Go Tyler, Go!!" over and over. I didn't have the video camera, so I tried to capture it again the following night. Of course, Aubrey's enthusiasm was not nearly as high. However, she did mutter a few of her often repeated phrases. "Go get 'im!" (It's going to get him). "It's winny!" (It's Windy). "I see dat!" And, she did throw in a "Go Tyler, Go!" for me too. She often says that something is cute. So, I needed to include this one... She says, "awww, baby so cute." I don't remember what baby she was talking about. Then, this morning she didn't want me to get her out of her crib, so I was cleaning up. I had pulled out a package of diapers to put away and she wanted to play with them. I pulled out the camera... I liked that I captured some of her love of her "Lamby."