Saturday, May 16, 2015

Aubrey-isms from today

I worked today...and got this text from Wayne...


Aubrey, "Mom! Let's play intense."
Me, "In tents? We only have one [play] tent." point to tent (Repeat this conversation a few times)...
Aubrey, "Intense. We are in love. You're the boy, I'm the girl. You dip me." Motions to me that we will dance.
Oh my goodness, child.

Aubrey, "Mom! LOL!!"
Me, "Do you know what that means?"
Aubrey, "Yes. Laugh out loud."
Me, "Right."
Aubrey, "That's the first time that I've yelled it...LOL!!!"

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

Tyler made a Mother's Day gift for me and told me last night that he would hide it in a spot I only go to in the morning and again in the evening. Aubrey got a little upset, saying that she hadn't gotten me a gift. She proudly wrote her name on a picture she painted yesterday and presented it to me as her gift. She told me many times today how much she loves me and wished me Happy Mother's Day again. I love these two.

This morning, I thought he had forgotten....late in the morning, I asked about it and sure enough, he had hidden it... in my closet. A playing card deck with something he loves about me on each card. I enjoyed reading through it, and will definitely be keeping this in a special spot. I decided to type each of them out here. :)

52 Reasons I Love My Mom 

by Tyler Stuckey

* You have good political opinions [What a start!]
* You have a great hairstyle
* You let me go out to do something often
* You are creative
* You deal with people all day who don't have a clue and isn't grumpy [He cracks me up|]
* You have good manners
* Thinks positively
* You are great at baking
* You are very friendly
* You are very like able
* You have a cool temper
* You are nice to everybody [Could he be more sweet?]
* You are fun
* You do exciting things
* You are strong
* You have good self control
* You have a nice daily schedule
* You have a good reputation
* You like animals
* You are smart
* You are brave
* You pack my lunches
* You jump on the trampoline with us
* You do favors for people
* You are a great sport
* You're funny
* You are good at thinking of fun things to do 
* You got me good school supplies
* You gave me my own room
* You love me
* You don't get stressed easily
* You make fair decisions when me and Aubrey fight

* You don't overreact
* You are full of knowledge
* You don't complain much
* You don't drag me into stores unless necessary

* You don't have many phobias
* You have a good job
* You have good taste in food
* You have great social skills
* You have a good sense of humor
* You are funny [I think he is quite generous with these compliments]
* You aren't strict about when I wake up on weekends
* You are supportive about my soccer games
* You do fun art projects
* You are very, very good at cooking

* You like to take us on fun trips

* You like to take us to fun places in Kansas
* Takes us to nice restaurants
* You are good at art
Happy Mother's Day 2015

Friday, May 8, 2015

Last Day of Preschool

Today was Aubrey's last day of Preschool...sniff, sniff. Ted and Sue came down for the music program and then took us out to Freddy's for lunch.

Aubrey was scanning the audience looking for us for awhile...then she spotted us (and Wayne caught the moment).

As Sue observed, every song has motions.

Ms Patti, her teacher, handing Aubrey her certificate.

Her proud smile.
She cracks me up. (Because all she sees is the outside of the envelope at this point).

Celebratory cupcakes.

Posing with Grandma and Grandpa

And with Mom and Dad

Silly face at Freddy's.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

April 13

 Just a couple of things Tyler brought home from school one day that I thought were interesting.


Tyler loves to draw. 

Ice Cream

"They say you can't buy happiness, 
but buying ice cream is good enough for me." 

Date night

Friday, May 1, was a busy day.
It was a special day for Aubrey at school. They had a bounce house, picnic and other activities. Tyler had no school that day and both kids were invited to play with friends in the the afternoon. Instead, Wayne took Tyler to the doctor and discovered that he had conjuctivitis. Blah. 

After I got home from work that night, I called it boys' date night and girls' date night. 
Wayne and Tyler went to see a movie. 
I had a few errands to run. To lure Aubrey into going along, we started with picking up a slushy, fit a couple of stops in for me, and ended with All Star Sports. She was thrilled and I enjoyed spending some one on one time with my little girl.

Rock A Bye

Wayne and Aubrey enjoying the spring weather.

At the Bandstand

 Tyler's 4th grade music program was on Tuesday, April 28th. Ted and Sue came to watch with us.

Tyler was supposed to wear his hair slicked back, a white t-shirt, rolled up jeans, and white socks...About an hour before the program, Wayne told me that the shirt he had planned to loan Tyler looked a little big...yep. Oh well!

He still hates posing for pictures. Too bad. 

Wayne used his 80's/90's peg-rolling skills.

Waiting for the 3rd grade program to end before we could go into the auditorium.


The combination of an evening program (when she's tired) and needing to sit still = this. She didn't want to sit with us. Luckily no one sat next to us in our aisle.

Pre-concert selfies

It's hard to get a good picture from my phone with the stage lighting. I forgot this from last year. But, the stage and props were impressive. And the kids did a fabulous job!

A clip of Tyler's class doing their dance to Jailhouse Rock

Our post-concert tradition - a stop at Braum's for ice cream.

At the field

At a soccer practice for Tyler...trying not to get blown away.

Aubrey is catching on to what to do during soccer and seems less nervous than the first few games. Kicking it in.

Enjoying a snack before a game.