Sunday, September 7, 2014

Saturday Fun

Yesterday, Wayne participated in the Discraft Ace Race. So, I decided to put our season pass to good use and took the kids to Exploration Place for the afternoon.

They had a great time and I'm happy that we can look forward to going back again soon.

Enjoying the tornado simulator.

Cranking the propellers. 

Flight Simulator

The Wright Brothers simulator was getting tricky.

And, for the longest time, Aubrey played in the castle and Tyler was building Keva planks.

I rarely go to the mall, but last week Aubrey and I made a quick trip to look at sales. We were ready to pay and leave when she ran away from me...just long enough that I started to panic. So, when I saw this "running" punishment/sign, I laughed and asked her to pose for me.  Silly.

The little princess...with tennis shoes. :P

Tyler's Keva plank creation. He worked long and hard on it!

After, we went to Yo-B's for a snack (frozen yogurt) then to the library for some fresh reading material for the kids. Too bad I think I only wore myself out. I was ready for bed by 7! :)