Sunday, November 30, 2008

traveling, traveling through the snow...

I'm curious about the traveling plans of my family and friends. We're trying to figure out what we can fit in during our yearly trek to Indiana to celebrate the holidays. Some years it's harder than others... Please vote in my poll on the right to guesstimate how far you'll go this year.


Yesterday, Tyler and I built a fort in his room. In the evening, he said that he wanted to watch a movie in his fort, and sleep there for the night. (He didn't end up sleeping there, but did watch his movie). We had fun and it reminded me of being little and building many "forts" out of blankets and chairs.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

a crack up

"I crack myself open."

too young

One more brief thing. I have had a lot of trouble sleeping the last couple of nights because of my carpal tunnel syndrome. On Thursday night, I woke at 2:30 am and had to sleep in the recliner for the remainder of the night because I had too much pain to lay down. My best guess is that it was worse because I put up decorations during the day. I feel like I'm too young to have difficulty sleeping due to pain! At 80, yes, at 32, no! OK, I have now vented. Thank you.


Our holiday break has been very relaxing. We've enjoyed being with friends for a play date, shopping around for new carpet for our basement (which is still yucky from when our sump pump failed this summer), and saw the movie, Bolt.
On Thanksgiving, in addition to having a nice meal at Hesston College, we spent time decorating. "We" meaning, Tyler and I. Tyler got quite excited about it all. This is really the first year he seems to have been interested in such things. This fall, our neighbors were cleaning things out and gave us an "extra" 7-foot tree they had, which is much bigger and nicer than the 3-footer we've always used. Tyler wanted to get multi-colored lights for our 3-foot tree, that I decided to put outside this year. (Though Wayne and I prefer white lights, I thought it'd be fun for Tyler, and I was not disappointed). When Tyler first saw the tree, he tried to give it a hug and a kiss, declared his love for it, and named it,..."Dorky." Ahh, what a lovely name. Here's a picture of Dorky.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


As Rachel requested, here are a few pics of Tyler's new bed. (He is posing for me...he doesn't sleep in his jeans). :) He has been sleeping by himself since my post a couple of weeks ago about this - and that's been quite nice!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Well, even though Thanksgiving has not officially arrived, having Hollins and Rachel (and Ted and Sue) around last week made it feel like it had. Yesterday and today have held some post-holiday blues at my house. Wayne has been kind of moping around. Both Tyler and Wayne have said that they miss Hollins and Rachel. Being with family always makes us wish we all lived closer together.

Some follow ups and little tidbits -
1. Tyler did continue to sleep through the night when we came home from Hesston on Sunday. That was quite nice!
2. Tyler's using the word "excited" in place of "decided." For example, "I excited that I want to play dinosaurs."
3. Last evening, we bought Tyler a mattress and stuffed it in the Focus hatchback. :0) Not having a truck or van generally makes hauling bigger items prohibitive. (Thanks, Rachel, for the idea of trying the car). Tyler slept in his new bed, and didn't roll out!
4. The lobster has escaped again...but not with his life this time. He has officially expired. :(

Sunday, November 23, 2008


I forgot to add that, according to Tyler, he is the "ferocisist."

We spent today in Hesston. Tyler told me after church that he had made new friends in the nursery. "And they made a new friend too... me!" After church, we enjoyed a good lunch and dinner at Ted and Sue's and mostly relaxed in between. Tyler enjoyed vying for our attention and playing with toys.

He is also, by the way, sleeping...he fell asleep on the way home from Hesston. This is about 3 hours earlier than usual, probably due to his busy weekend. Hopefully he doesn't wake up soon after what would be a good two-hour "nap."


We have really enjoyed our Thanksgiving week early this year. Hollins and Rachel came out Wednesday in the middle of the night. I had to work, but Wayne and Tyler (and for much of the time, Ted) enjoyed their company during the day. I was happy to spend time with them in the evening. But, Saturday was much more fun. We had a fun, relaxing day together. We played board games, and took a nice walk outside to enjoy the sunshine. Later in the day, we pulled out corn hole again.

Wayne and Hollins

Rachel and Ted

Tyler, Sue and Caesar

Rachel and Hollins

Hollins and Rachel treated us to a delicious meal at the Olive Garden.

Several evenings, Guitar Hero was played. Hollins had rocked out :) so much the night before, he lost his voice before this performance. I really enjoyed this snippet. (And several others).

Saturday, November 15, 2008

our afternoon

This afternoon, I finally got out of my pajamas and took Tyler to the park. It was in the 40s, so we bundled up. He rode his trike a little over a mile (one way) from one end of Sedgwick County Park to the playscape, then back again. (He did not want to take his bike because he insisted that he could ride much faster on his trike). We detoured for a bathroom break and then I stressed the rest of the way to the playscape as Tyler swerved around on and off the road.

We were barely at the park, when he got hit in the face by a swing. His lip immediately swelled up and blood was dripping down his face and onto his coat. When he saw the first wipe with so much blood, he said, alarmed, "why am I bleeding so much? I don't want to die, Mommy!" (Obviously, my child has not had any major injuries).

After much reassurance that he would not die from a bleeding lip, he said, "the next time that swing comes close to my face, I'm just going to run fast away from it!"

On our ride back, we enjoyed a beautiful (though cold) sunset. Brrr.

I couldn't get him to look away from his movie to cheese for me. stinker.

Three Movie Night

Last night we had a family movie night. (Or second ever). The first time, we watched Flight of the Navigator. Last night it was E.T. I prepared our popcorn, apples, cheese, etc, and we settled in. Tyler informed us that this was called "three movie night" because, in his opinion, it's only family movie night "when there are four or five people."

Friday, November 14, 2008

How early is too early?

How early is too early to decorate for Christmas.

Before Halloween - 1
Before November 15 - 1
Before Thanksgiving - 9

Growing up, it was our tradition to decorate for Christmas on Thanksgiving weekend. Many years, I don't really feel like decorating much before that, but this year, I have been itching. It probably has something to do with the Christmas tree our neighbors gave us. I'm curious to see what it looks like. I'm trying to hold out for Thanksgiving weekend...we'll see if I can resist it a little while longer. Of course, if not, at least a couple of you won't think it's too early. :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

dirty little secret

I guess I've had posting block this week. I had not realized how long it had been. We've been excitedly thinking about Wayne's sister, Rachel, and husband Hollins's upcoming visit.

We've also been doing some focusing on Tyler's bedtime routine. OK, me mostly.

Both Tyler and I have long been in the habit of me laying down with him to put him to sleep... and I often stayed there for the night. I could attribute this on all kinds of things- the discovery of my ability to nurse laying down and therefore sleep through middle of the night feedings, Tyler's difficulty in sleeping as a baby, Wayne sleeping in with Tyler so he's not sleepy as early as I am, my body's need for zzzz's immediately, you get the drift. I can't say that I mind sleeping with him, except that many nights we play musical beds. (Wayne and I). I'm admitting this, recognizing that many of you out there probably think this is pathetic. I try not to tell too many people - I get the raised eyebrows, silence, the knowing looks... and, though I may be misinterpreting, I often get this feeling they think I'm less of a mother for doing so. In fact, why am I admitting this? :)

Within the last month, I decided that maybe it was time for Tyler to have a twin-sized bed. I figure, even if I can't wean myself of laying down with him, at least I won't be comfortable enough to stay there for the night. Last weekend, Nathan (a coworker) came to pick up Tyler's mattress. Tyler appeared fine, knowing that Nathan needed a new mattress. In the meantime, Tyler's been on the air mattress.

Last night, I moved it from the side of our bed, back to his room. I decided maybe I'd try out the idea of him going to sleep without laying next to me with the lure of earning a small reward for doing so. When it was bedtime, I laid down next to him without thinking about it. But, he kicked me out -
"Mommy, I want to sleep by myself!"

Oh yes, good, so I sat in the rocking chair. He laid there quietly, then cried out,

"I want my old bed, Mommy! Why did Nathan have to take both parts [box springs and mattress] of my bed?!" I started to remind him about why Nathan needed a bed, and he responded, "Oh yeah, because the spring was poking him!"

It didn't take long, and he was asleep. Whew. Much easier than when I tried this a few months ago when he just cried and pleaded with me to sleep with him.

Today, I kept my promise, and he was quite excited to pick something out (sour gummy worms tonight). He was so excited after perusing his future options that early in the evening, he declared,

"I want to go to bed now, Mommy!"
"If I win the race upstairs, that means I get to go to sleep by myself!"

Alright, I think we're onto something. Today reminded me of weaning from nursing and potty training... when we're both ready, it is easier than I expected. I'm not sure I was ready to give up laying down with him before either. I must admit, I fell asleep more easily when I was snuggled next to him. sigh.

Today, I bought him some dinosaur sheets and we ordered a bed...we're on our way.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Conversation from the bathtub

Tyler: "Mommy, what if a shark would eat you into a million pieces?"
Me: "I don't think that would feel very good."
Tyler: "Why do you not think it would feel very good?"
Me: "Because it would have eaten you all up."
Tyler: "What would you see if you were eaten into a million pieces?"
Me: "You couldn't see very much if you were eaten into a million pieces because you wouldn't be alive anymore, would you?"
Tyler: "You wouldn't be alive anymore? Then you would get a new body? Where do you get a new body?"
Me: "From Jesus."
Tyler: "From the police station? No, wrong answer. Try again!"

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Conversations from the back seat.

Tonight Oliver came over to play. On the way home from picking Oliver up, I enjoyed listening to their conversation:

When I buckled Oliver in, he said, "thanks for buckling me in, Mel."
I said, "you're welcome, sweetie!"
I buckled Tyler in, and he said,"thanks for buckling me, Mommy."
:) Imitating nice manners is fine with me.

Oliver turned on the car light to look at a book. I didn't say anything.
Tyler: "Turn off the light."
Oliver: "Why?"
Tyler: "You're wasting electricity." (Umm...what? That normally doesn't stop Tyler).
Oliver: "Oh." (Turnes it off).

Then I was listening to the radio when my thoughts were interrupted by their conversation.

Tyler: "I went to Florida and Myrtle Beach."
Oliver: "I wish I could have gone with you. Why didn't you invite me?"
Tyler: "Well, ...(pause as he is thinking)... you didn't have time to come."

After that, I was tuned in. (And I explained that I'm sure Tyler would have invited Oliver if he could have). :)

Voting poll.

OK, so all 4 of you who responded to the poll, voted in the booth yesterday. Wayne told me I picked a boring poll.

So, we'll see if this one is any better, if you're not voted out... When do you decorate for Christmas? (And really, when is it too early)? See the poll on the side.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Somehow, time just gets away from me and sometimes I just avoid doing certain tasks. I do both of those when it comes to taking care of pictures. (Printing them, organizing and scrap booking or putting them into an album). This summer, I printed the last 2 years' worth of pictures with intentions of organizing them. That didn't happen. Instead, I had a nice big pile of pictures (including Tyler's second birthday pictures)!, our card table, and scrap book supplies in a big pile in the computer room. After awhile I sort of looked past them without seeing them...

Sunday, I got the cleaning bug. My original intention was to organize the computer room. Wayne reminded me that getting to the pictures would be a good task to tackle. So, I finally got to it. (I am not proud to say that the last time I organized pictures I was playing catch-up too).

I am happy to report that I am now totally caught up. At least for now. Of course, Tyler didn't get the attention or exercise that he needed yesterday, but I'm happy to have the pile of pictures out of there and put away!

Does anyone else have this trouble, or am I the only one?

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Last evening, Tyler and I started our evening trick-or-treating at the mall. We had a good time there. One of the masseurs handed me his camera and motioned for me to take his picture with Tyler. I obliged, though I'm still not quite sure why he wanted it. Ah, well, we had fun. Then we headed Oliver's house and trick-or-treated with Lisa and Oliver.

**Brief Side Note: We stopped for gas along the way - I needed to use my $.10/gallon off for spending $100 at Dillons before November 1 - I filled up for $1.87/gallon!**

Generally throughout the night when I asked Tyler to show people how he could fly and he quickly obliged. He also did a much better job of saying "trick-or-treat" and "thank you" than he did last year. I found it interesting that he was not afraid of people in Scream or skeleton costumes - he would just point out that they were skeletons. But, the two ladies dressed as witches who were sitting (and cackling) outside a bookstore in the mall, did appear to worry him a bit. At one point, Tyler said, "this is the best Halloween ever." Of course, when we had to go home and he wanted to keep trick-or-treating, it was the worst night ever. I'll translate that to mean that he had a good time and didn't want it to end.

Here is Tyler in his (homemade) bat costume. He was not a fan of the black paint on his nose. He begged for me to take it off and said that it looked like something for a girl. When we got to the mall, I washed it off. Little stinker. I didn't know he would be so concerned about such things at this age.