Thursday, August 14, 2008

School year

Traditional school year - 8 (80%)
Year round school - 2 (20%)

This summer was my first summer off of work since...sometime in high school? Being able to have a taste of being a stay-at-home mom and spending time with family was wonderful. Priceless, really.

Wayne and I have discussed his preference for year-round school and mine for the traditional school year. I realize that children could benefit from the year-round school year. They would have shorter breaks throughout the year so that they don't need so much time to regain what they have lost during the summer months.

However, I remember many years as a student feeling burned out by the end of the year. I was so thankful for the change of schedule to refresh and feel ready to go back. (And I remember lots of long days, gardening, swimming, playing with cousins and all those fun things that fill summer days). I felt the same way this year as an adult. I was able to enjoy family and friends and a change of pace. There is an excitement in the air coming back to a new school year. I think as a professional, it allows for a natural chance to try things in a new way.

Next summer, I will most likely have to work during the summer since our regular summer support staff will be unable to work (you know, babies being born and all). But, I do hope to have many summers home with Tyler and I am so grateful for that too. From when he was born, I felt that I was made to take care of him, protect him, and love him. I also love my work. I guess I can't say in enough ways or enough times that I have my dream job. How thankful I am for that! And I really hope that Kansas keeps the traditional schedule!

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