Friday, December 17, 2010

11 Months

Wow. This has been a whirlwind of a month. I don't think we took many pictures around here. Bad Mommy. Perhaps it's because (between the fun of the season with preparations like baking and shopping), we've had more than our share of ear infections, croup, stomach flu, head colds, and house repairs. But, in any case, we are finally all starting to feel back to normal. Finally. Knock on wood.

Little Miss Aubrey is also finally back to acting like herself again. She cut another tooth this month. She loves to bop to music. She is quite the explorer and gets into and climbs on top of things we never had to worry about with Tyler. Of course she loves all things off limits and howls for the telephone. She has started holding her play phone up to her ear and babbling into it. She is quite the little "talker" and her favorite "word" is Dada. She plays the game of handing something to you, then getting it back over and over. She is usually an early riser, while we have to wake brother Tyler as he loves to sleep in. She is on the run makes a beeline for whatever she is after, often shrieking with delight. However, she is very opinionated and if she can't have something she will let you know how she feels about it. She is also more opinionated about food than I remember Tyler being. She still prefers finger foods to baby food. If we have any fuzz, small rock, paper, or other such small speck of something on the floor, it inevitably finds its way into her mouth. She is mischievous with the subsequent mouth sweeps and lets you know that she doesn't want to have it taken away with sly grin and a firm bite. She loves to carry a sock...yes, a sock... around and shake it exuberantly.

I'll probably think of more things that I have left out. But I wanted to remember how she is changing...even though I don't have pictures to post for now. Hopefully soon! :)


Tonight on our way home, I asked Tyler whether he'd like to drive around and look at Christmas lights. He said he would like to. Then asked if we were going to buy Christmas lights. I said that we were just going to drive around and look at lights.

After a few minutes he said, "won't it be weird if we just drive around and don't buy anything?"
I told him I didn't think so.

A few minutes later he said, "won't other people think we're weirdos if they see us just driving around looking at lights?"