Tuesday, February 4, 2014


We FINALLY got some snow. Even though I keep seeing pictures of folks back home who are buried in snow, it's been pretty dry around here.

So, we enjoyed getting some of the white stuff today. It's been snowing all day...7 inches and counting.

We enjoyed a snow day today. We slept in, leisurely ate a yummy breakfast, and watched a movie.

Then it was time to get outside! I walked to the store to get a little exercise and return the movie...and while I was there, found out that we get another day off school tomorrow! :)

No pics of Tyler. He and I pretty much just threw snowballs at each other so the phone was safely put away when he was around. :)

I got a turn getting swung in circles by Wayne.

The munchkin on one of her turns. I think she looks like a smooshed marshmallow in her puffy clothes.

This afternoon, I tried a couple of new recipes. This pretzel roll recipe  to go with this pulled pork. The rolls are sooo good, AND they were easy. :) The pulled pork is delicious. I'd say it was easy too...except the pulling part. ;)