Saturday, August 16, 2008

Counting Mommy

This morning, I was waiting for Tyler to pick his shirt. He noticed that I had hung a mobile he made in the closet. He said "how did that get there? Hang it for me. "

[pause, Mommy is zoning out]

Then, he says encouragingly, "you can do it...10, 9, 8, 7, [I scamper to get it hung] Good job!"

OK -
a. I didn't know Tyler could count backwards at all. (And I'm not confident he could have counted all the way down to 1/0).
b. Since we are constantly counting for Tyler to do things, I am not surprised he counted for me. But I still found it entertaining, especially since he was not angry; he was happy and encouraging.

As a side note; a week ago, within 2 days of me returning to work, I came home to find Tyler dressing and undressing himself. I believe this has not happened before now because I'm too impatient. He still needs some help and watching him requires me to bite my tongue as I see him struggling and pulling pants up askew, but I'm trying. Apparently you just need to be around Daddy for a few days to learn some independence, not a bad thing. :)

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