Friday, November 25, 2011


I was working on my Thanksgiving post right as it was time to leave for The Muppets this afternoon...I just now realized that I posted the wrong video. Mistake corrected. :)


I love Thanksgiving weekend. I've had a chance to do a little cleaning, a little shopping, and a little cooking. Tyler and I had a chance for a few activities too.

First we made these turkey cups. They were easy and (I think) cute.

We also made these pilgrim hats (to hold crayons at the dinner table) and pilgrim and Native American decorations (made from TP rolls).

Yesterday, Tyler and I went on a Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt.  It was my secret ploy to get him to burn off some energy. Even though it was nice and warm, it was very windy outside. We found everything but people throwing a football and another family on a walk. The only people we saw outside, in fact, were men working with their grills or smokers or fryers. :)

I also made a Treasure Hunt for him. I got a kick out of Aubrey "reading" his clues.

In the evening, we joined Ted and Sue at Hesston College for dinner. I am so thankful for family and friends near and far. Love you all! I hope you enjoyed the blessing of good food and good fellowship too.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

22 Months

Aubrey is 22 months old. She loves to do puzzles, color, watch Sesame Street or listen to an Elmo CD, jump off of anything she can, climb onto whatever she can, play "side" (outside), and read books. She is working on asking "nicely" for Elmo (instead of screaming...repeatedly). Oh, and did I mention that she loves Sesame Street? :)

She is ready for the cold weather that just blew in...

She is talking in more two to three word sentences. Many of them start with, "Mommy, need..." Though more words are clear, she still doesn't say Tyler's name...

Another milestone we are celebrating is my sister Lynette in her pregnancy. She is 33 weeks and a couple days along. Hooray!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The fox

Written on one of Tyler's school sheets today:

4. Why didn't the fox have food for the winter?
Tyler: He did not gather food!

5. If you were the fox, what would you do next?
Tyler: I would go to Dillons.

Smart boy I've got here. :)


Tonight, Tyler was working on sight words, and Aubrey got the giggles. I just caught a little on video.


Last night, we enjoyed spending the evening with the Pankratz family. Of course, we enjoyed delicious food. Besides the big pot of yummy chili that Michelle made, we both made some sides, including a few "themed" items.

This spider cheeseball

Michelle's peanut butter spider cookies and my owl cupcakes. 

Followed, of course, by trick or treating. It was a gorgeous evening to be out. The high was in the 70s yesterday, and the evening was still mild and pleasant.

Aubrey can't say "trick or treat," but her thank you and bye bye earned her lots of smiles.

We didn't stay out too long, and everyone was still in good spirits when we returned. Abe was eager to hand out candy at the house, and was quite sweet - looking for trick or treaters to offer candy to.

The little ones wisely gathered around Wayne to enjoy some of their loot.

Aubrey trying on Abe's Harry Potter glasses.

We had a great evening! :)