Sunday, January 19, 2014

August Forest

Excuse the lighting...and the iOS video, but I want to remember Aubrey's version of Welcome Christmas from How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

And Jingle Bells too...

Happy Birthday, Aubrey!

Little lady is 4!

We made unicorn cookies for her to share with her preschool friends.

The morning of her birthday, she woke up and was so thrilled that it was FINALLY her birthday that she jumped out of bed at 6 am. We went to Lamar's where she picked out a big chocolate donut with Bavarian creme filling. Then a trip to the store to get birthday plates and candles for our party.

Birthday morning smiles.

Yesterday, we celebrated with Eli and the twins, then with Ted and Sue. This is her requested cake - pink with rainbows, glitter and a unicorn. (Oh, and the candles she picked out too).

Birthday card from Aunt Lynette...yes, she LOVES mermaids. She is thrilled to have some new mermaid toys to play with and clothes to wear. 

She enjoyed playing with Eli and the twins.

 Some party food...the aftermath.

Even mermaid hair!

Aubrey's interview this afternoon:
What is your mother's name?    "Mama"
What does your mother do all day?     "She is loving me and do everything and be mad at me."
What is your dad's name?     "Dada."
What does your dad do all day?     "Being mad at Tyler and me."
(What is this about us being mad!?!)
What is your brother's name?     "Tyler"
What is your favorite color?     "Pink and purple."
What is your favorite show?     "Spongebob"
What is your favorite song?     "Rockabye Baby, I love you Mom and Dad, Thank You for everything you do"
What is your favorite thing to play?     "With a lot of toys"
Who are your friends?     "Eli, Jillian, and the twins"
What is your favorite food?   "carrots, cheese crackers, chips, strawberries, blueberries, chicken"
What food don't you like?     "balloons, basketballs, Mommy's glasses"
  No, what real food don't you like?     "stinky food, banana peels"   :)
OK...moving on.

I don't want to forget that she says "suss" instead of "just."
She gives lots of spontaneous tight hugs and says I love You.
There is a song for everything, and probably a dance too.
She still wants a "real" dog or cat and pretends to be both of these sometimes.
She is particular about what she wants to wear down to the underwear.
She knows that Daddy and Mommy don't like certain things, or don't let her do certain things and tries to sneak and ask the other...quietly..."I have a secret Mommy,...can I have chocolate milk for breakfast?"

Christmas 2013

We picked Tyler up from school early on Friday and took off for Indiana to avoid a storm that was headed right into our travel path. It was nice to split the trip into two days. We stopped for the night in Iowa City, so we only had about 5 hours left to finish our trip Saturday morning.

We had some pretty happy travelers.

Playing games. Aubrey keeps pining to go back to Mom and Dad's to stay a "LONG time!" Please?"

We made chicken tikka masala and naan for dinner one night. Tyler enjoyed helping.

We enjoyed seeing Grandma Polly!

Cheese! Hot chocolate and whipped cream...or in Henry's case, just whipped cream. :)

Natcha was visiting from Thailand. She was so sweet. Even though we couldn't speak the same language, we enjoyed her so much. Aubrey LOVED Natcha!

Henry helping Grandma. 

A lot of the snow had melted as we seemed to arrive between storms. But, we got a little snow and enjoyed playing.

And went for a walk on the Pumpkin Vine trail.

Of course, our traditional fondue dinner on Christmas Eve followed by watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Snuggling with Natcha.

Wearing some of her new gear.

Still pining for Santa...

A trip to UP mall with Dad, Lynette, Henry and Aubrey.

Young deer kept coming up very close to the house.

Fried Rice Battle!

My Aunties!

Grandma trekking with Aubrey to the cabin. (Or, as Aubrey calls it, the "board house").

Snowman...he was in pieces on the ground by the following day, poor guy.

Henry turned 2! We celebrated Henry's birthday on our last day together, which happened to be his birthday! He loved blowing the candles out so much, Dad kept re-lighting his candle for him.

Lynette found Henry had climbed onto the table and started eating more cupcakes (or probably just frosting) after everyone had finished and moved to the living room. :)

Next, a visit to Grandma Billie in Decatur! Unfortunately, Max was ill and we couldn't see him this trip.

Then to Indy to continue the holiday celebration.

We enjoyed breakfast at Cracker Barrell...and have to remember that handlebar mustache that Hollins sported. 

Then presents

And dinner at Maggiano's! (The girls wearing their matching outfits from Grandpa and Grandma).

Wayne being a goober and not posing for me...I LOVE Ted's expression! :)

My text to Wayne from the lobby where Aubrey was running off steam after our meal.

Tyler letting Reid tickle his belly.

The next day, Hollins and Rachel treated us to a fun day at the Children's Museum. It is so big and full of fun!

Ready for the Hollins tickle sandwich.

Home again...we covered a lot of miles.