Saturday, July 12, 2008


"Mommy, when I was a baby, I wish you had named me a different name." When I asked if he knew what name he wishes he had, he replied, "I wish my name was Noah!" Don't know if this name came from watching Evan Almighty this week, but I thought it was funny.

Random side note - Today I found the "biggest brown recluse spider "that Wayne has ever seen. Yikes!! What is up with our garage?!?
(This time he emptied out of Tyler's sidewalk chalk and stepped on it).


Melissa said...

GOOD. do you ever watch that show verminators? if not, you should at least have wayne watch it. he'll never leave another insect alive again.

Carrie said...

YESSS!!! A dead spider is a good spider. Death to all spiders everywhere.

p.s. Hello?!? A brown recluse and a black widow??!!!??? That is so freaky!!!!