Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Middlebury Library Lust

Yesterday, after supper, Wayne went back to working on his corn hole game. Since the Yoder reunion (when they played hours of corn hole), Wayne has decided to make his own game. He is making good progress. I have not yet taken any pictures. Sorry.

Anyway, I suggested to Tyler that we go to the library. He wanted to go to the library and also asked to the playground. Anyway, as we pulled into the parking lot, he said in a high, tensed tone, "Not this library, the other library!" I suddenly realized that he meant he wanted to go to the Middlebury library (where the playground is right next to the library). He said that yes, this is where he wanted to go. I explained that Indiana is far away. He said, "but Middlebury is not far away. It is close. I want to go to that library." After more explanation (a.k.a. repeating myself), he understood he was stuck with his little neighborhood library for the evening. Poor kid - still confused.

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