Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Fortune Cookie

Yesterday for supper, Wayne suggested a new Chinese restaurant he had passed the other day, Fortune Cookie. We almost turned around when we got out of our car, looked at the green spray painted door, plants still in their pots from the nursery, and Wayne said, "this has to be a cover for a drug operation or something." But, we forged ahead. Then when we entered and the waitress indicated it was buffet only, we almost turned around. (Later, when talking to her, we learned that we could have ordered off the menu - she was very friendly, but her English was a little difficult to understand). But not wanting to offend, we stayed. The food was okay. About what you would expect on a buffet with no one else there at 4:30 on a Tuesday. (We were going to beat "the rush"). ha ha ha. The tables and chairs were sticky. It was a bit more expensive than we expected. However, Tyler put down enough shrimp that I think he definitely got his money's worth. Ironically, the fortune cookies were stale and tasteless. It satisfied Wayne's curiosity, and even though we won't be going back, we do like to try new places just so we know. Now we know. I think we'll cook in tonight. :)

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Kathy Beachy said...

We have been to those kind of places. There is a place in Goshen like that. If you wouldn't feel the sticky floor as you walk, the table wouldn't rock when you lean your elbow on it and you wouldn't look around, the food would taste a whole lot better.