Saturday, October 25, 2008

the week

One of the things our neighbors gave us is an inflatable Hot Wheels toddler bed. I thought this would be great for the times we have company. Usually, Tyler sleeps on the floor beside our bed - and it is generally difficult to get him to sleep there because it feels so different for him. So, I thought we'd test out the new bed this week, and have Tyler sleep in it so that it's not so new when we have company. (Hollins and Rachel are visiting the weekend before Thanksgiving - yay)! Anyway, Wednesday night, I worked and worked to blow this thing up. I found that the caps kept coming off, but that was easily fixed by taping them down. Here he is, all snuggly. He was quite happy and had no trouble going to sleep.

However, in the middle of the night, I woke to a "thwump" of Tyler rolling over and smacking into our bed frame. While it didn't wake him up, it woke me up, and I repositioned him back onto his deflating mattress. By morning, it was totally flat. He loved sleeping there - and the last two nights I've tried other options, which have not worked out very well. So, I guess I'll go on a mission to find a replacement. I'd take suggestions if anyone has any. :)
Last night, we had the Pankratz's and Jaberg's over for dinner and Trivial Pursuit. The boys played very well least for most of the evening. (When they can stay away from playing dinosaur and wrestling). Here they are watching a movie. I just love Leo's big grin! He told me, "I say cheese, Melody."

Oliver, Leo, Abe, and Tyler

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Carolyn said...

I love this picture. It smacks of male bonding.