Saturday, October 11, 2008


This morning, I came into the kitchen to make breakfast and was stunned to see that our blue lobster had escaped from the aquarium. For a second, I thought Wayne was playing a joke on me, then it sunk in. I yelled, OK I kind of screamed, for Wayne to come take care of it. (He's about six inches long - and his antennae are longer - ewww). Wayne thought it was pretty funny and joked about eating the lobster for breakfast.

As we sat down for breakfast, Tyler said, "Daddy, please don't eat the lobster."
Wayne, "What will we do if he escapes again?"
Tyler, "I don't fink it will never escape again. I don't fink it will escape again."
Let's hope not.
After the lobster was deposited safely back into the aquarium, he moved pretty slowly at first, then appeared to "come to" and is doing fine. :)

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Melissa said...

HA!!!!! Two stories this reminds me of immediately:

1 -- A crab we had in an aquarium once escaped and got all dried up, but survived after I plopped it back into the tank and it rehydrated.

2 -- A giant (I mean BIG) cichlid we had, once flopped out of the aquarium and across the entire living room (on carpet!) before we woke up and found it in the middle of the night thanks to Oscar's incessant barking. It was covered in lint and heaving for breath, but survived quite nicely until we got rid of the tank and threw it in the snow to die. (A nifty trick learned from you and Wayno.)