Wednesday, October 29, 2008

sick and tired

Yesterday afternoon, my left ear suddenly felt like I had stuffed a cotton ball in it. I came home and took Sudafed and change. This morning, I took a Benadryl. No change, and I was still very tired. I don't have the other symptoms that I usually have when my ears plug up, but my ear was bothering me and I felt so tired that I could hardly keep from staring blankly and wishing I could just climb into bed. I figured it was allergy congestion that maybe turned into some weird ear-thingy. (It's a good thing I'm not a doctor, huh)? I saw my doctor this afternoon. Apparently I have fluid in/on my ears (not sure how you're supposed to say that) with no ear infection. Yay! But, I have the start of a viral infection, which she believes is the early stages of a sinus infection. Boo.

I keep finding myself thinking about things I'd like to write about - like the Halloween poll, politics (or maybe not), life, and who knows what, I will do that later. When I have energy for such things. In the meantime, I'll just have to think about the things I'd like to write. :)

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