Sunday, October 19, 2008

A busy week...

I did not realize how long it had been since I'd posted! This has been quite the busy week. Monday and Tuesday, I presented in-services. Monday for elementary teacher's on Positive Behavior Supports - in four 90 minute sessions. Tuesday, we did a Nonviolent Crisis Intervention refresher course for our staff - two three-hour sessions.

Here are Tyler and Oliver enjoying the Wii Fit together. They tired quickly. I think this was Tuesday evening. That night, Tyler also fell and hit his head on the corner of the wall. He immediately had a purple, vertical bruise and a lump. Now it's a faded greenish color. He also fell off of the kitchen stool this week - I think it was on Thursday - which left him with some scratches on his cheek and chin and a little bruise. Poor little face!

Wednesday and Thursday I worked late because of parent-teacher conferences. This is an unusual week for me, thank goodness!

Thursday night to the present, Wayne has been running a low-grade fever. He feels okay with Tylenol, but when it wears off, he is not feeling so great.

Friday night, I had a girl's night out. Tyler was at first sad to see me go, but after we discussed it, he wished me fun at my "girl party." I made a yummy pumpkin dessert that I got from my Mom's blog.

Saturday evening, Tyler and stayed home and watched a kid's movie while Wayne enjoyed a guy's night out. Tyler and I also spent a good part of our evening with our generous neighbors who are cleaning out their basement. They have an 11 year-old boy who had outgrown many of his toys. In addition to toys and books, I'm excited to have a "new" Christmas tree, and a storm door (that I really hope fits our door). Now, if we can only find room to store such things as a Christmas tree and find places for new toys...

Here is Tyler struggling to blow up a punch balloon. Because of my not-so-great camera, it's a little hard to see how red his face got. You can also faintly see his greenish bruise on his forehead.

Ted and Sue came over tonight and took us out to Chili's. Sue brought her I-Spy game to play with Tyler. Here he is looking...

... and finding.

Here is the ant farm...again, because of my camera, it's a little hard to see. The ants immediately got to work and have been busily building a little world of their own.

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