Saturday, October 25, 2008


I received a lovely email from Jeff Corriveau this morning. Apparently he is a cartoonist and writer for the newly-syndicated comic called "DeFlocked." He, apparently, found my blog and also appreciates how few movies one is able to see after the birth of a child. However he has Netflicks which seems like it could be a good idea...only most of the time I can't stay up late enough to make it through a movie anyway. He wrote to say that the Wichita Eagle is looking at the possibility of adding new cartoons to their paper (including his fairly new cartoon, DeFlocked) and are conducting a will end November 2. I figured - hey, he sought me out and even wrote a personal email...I can give him my vote! If you want to do the same, go here to vote. You can complete the whole survey or just vote for DeFlocked - and you can vote as many times as you want.

On another voting note - I received my advanced voting ballot for the November 4 election in the mail yesterday!! I'm excited about skipping long lines and being able to do more research on the local candidates. I can't believe how close November 4 is getting!

Happy Voting!

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