Saturday, October 31, 2009

Olive on Saturday

Our little fighter, Olive, turned 5 weeks-old yesterday. :)

Lynette and Rusty's friend, Libby, has updated her blog.

Here is Lynette's update from her blog:

Olive continues to remain stable, and look more and more comfortable. She had another ultrasound this morning and the neurologist was very pleased with the results of the fluid that has been removed. Because she is responding so well they have decided to remove 10 ml of fluid every 4 hours now. Her head is both looking and measuring smaller. She continues to be off oxygen and is breathing in room air. There continues to be some seizure activity which they are monitoring, but they say it is getting to be less and less.

We feel so grateful to be here at this hospital with Olive receiving such wonderful care. They even have her little head resting on water pillows.

If you are interested in seeing more pictures than I have on this blog,
click here for pictures from Chiang Rai
click here for pictures from Bangkok
click here to get to the Olive Hope Care Fund

Thank-you for the amazing love and support we feel from friends, family, and those we have never even met. I wish we had the time to write back to all of your comments, but know that we read them regularly and they mean so much to us.

Much love,


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