Monday, October 5, 2009

A busy day

I just thought I'd share Tyler and Wayne's busy day.

9:15 Swimming lessons - Tyler reported that they "scooped ice cream" (aka front crawl), played red light/green light on kickboards, and dove for rings.

11:15 Doctor appointment for Tyler's 3-week cough (Dr. thinks he might have asthma and/or a sinus infection. Antibiotics prescribed and nebulizer rented).

1:00 Chest Xray to rule out pneumonia (No pneumonia)!

?-3:30 Preschool

Now, we're huddled in for a chilly/drizzly evening with some barbecue. Yum.

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Carolyn said...

Happy Birthday Tyler. Dear Jesus heal Tyler and help him to have a good birthday. Love you Tyler from Nana Carol