Sunday, October 11, 2009

5th Birthday

With family living all over the world, we generally remember one another's birthdays from afar. Tyler enjoyed opening presents from his Grandparents early. He received gifts in the mail from Rachel & Hollins and Lynette & Rusty and cards from his Great-Grandparents. He really loved receiving mail just for him, and the anticipation of waiting to open those mystery packages. (We had him wait to open Lynette & Rusty's present until his actual birthday - when I got home from work that day, he was standing at the stairs waiting for me and holding their package).

On his actual birthday, the 6th, he and Wayne spent a few hours at All Star Sports where they played arcade games and rode on go-carts. In the evening, we let him pick where he wanted to eat, and he chose Pei Wei.

This is the first year that he has really anticipated his birthday and he was so thrilled to turn 5 - he thinks he is really a big boy now! In fact, this week, he put on pajamas and asked whether he looked like a "baby" in them. He said, "I wore these when I was 4. Do they make me look like a baby?!"

Last night, we enjoyed having a few family friends over for a birthday party. We had planned a picnic at the park. But with temperatures topping out in the lower 40's, we opted to stay in. The kids did a great job of entertaining themselves.

We played a couple of party games.

And finally, blowing out his candles.
Happy birthday, Tyler!

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Kathy Beachy said...

Happy Birthday! Yes, 5 does really make you a big boy.