Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Tyler is still sick. Though his ears don't hurt, he says that we sound far away, and it is increasingly clear to us that it is hard for him to hear. Poor guy. Last night, he spent most of dinner time in time out. Later, Wayne and I discussed what happened, and Wayne really thought Tyler was not hearing my choices well and he thought that Tyler looked surprised as I carried him off to time out...like it was not what he expected. I think this has happened often over the past week as we have thought more about it. Oops.

A classic example was tonight after supper. I told Tyler he could pull his chair over to help me make something. He said, "but I already spent all of my money." Ah well, I repeated myself more loudly, and he understood.

On another note, tonight, Tyler was working on a United States puzzle. He picked up the Colorado piece and asked, "is this Washington state?" I said, "no, it's Colorado, it goes here," pointing to the space. He said, "I know where it goes. I'm an expert...Mommy, what's an expert?"

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