Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas in Tiskilwa & Decatur

Happy New Year! Fortunately, we've been having so much fun this past week, that I haven't had much time to blog. I will keep this short and sweet too, so we can get back to game playing!

Since my last post, Tyler and Wayne went wolf hunting and sledding again. (Sue and Isabel re-told a story that their father used to tell them, including a wolf. Tyler thought it would be fun to hunt for wolves after the cold of about 10 degrees...with flashlights...and declared that it was fun, though luckily they did not find any wolves). We enjoyed playing games, laughing, eating, relaxing and enjoying being together, and this has continued throughout our visits.
Christmas day, Dan (Wayne's cousin) & Julie and their children (Nick, Lynnae and Annie) joined us and Dave (Wayne's cousin) and Jane came later as well.

Here are Ted, Julie (being silly).
Tyler and Annie playing with a new Annie toy.

Tyler helping to pass out numbers for the gift exchange a.k.a. the Naughty Nutcracker.

Tyler posing (holding his new helicopter) with Annie.

Nick and Lynnae imitating the pose.

Dan, Lynnae, Annie, Julie and Nick

Ted and Sue

Dave and Jane

Bob sampling a beignet (donut) that Annie, Tyler and Lynnae were making for breakfast.

Lynnae and Annie were quite kind in allowing Tyler to help them make the beignets. Lynnae fried them, Tyler put them in the powdered sugar and shook them. Annie made sure they were covered well and got them out. I have a video of this that I'm having trouble loading. I'll keep trying, so it may be in a later post.

When it was time to go, Tyler was sad. He said that he had made a new friend (Annie) and Annie had made a new friend (him). He really liked her and was sad that he couldn't stay another day like she was.

Friday, the 26th, we headed to Decatur. It took longer than most years because of the poor road conditions on 80/94 pushing us to an alternate route. After a long drive, we were quite excited to arrive in Decatur to visit Wayne's grandparents, Wayne & Willa May and uncle Max. The next day, Rachel, Hollins and Caesar joined us too! I don't know how I managed, but I didn't take any pictures there! What is wrong with me? Anyway, we enjoyed spending a few days together relaxing and reconnecting.

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