Friday, January 9, 2009


Saturday night I was sure that Tyler had an ear infection, but after that night he had said his ears didn't hurt anymore and he was sleeping well. Since he's never had an ear infection, I was not sure, but figured that he was probably in the clear. A couple of days, I asked him to tug on his ears and he said that one of them hurt a little. But, he was not really acting like himself this week and by Wednesday evening, I was quite frustrated (to say the least) with how many times I had to repeat myself to Tyler. By bedtime, I finally thought to ask him about his ears. He reported that they did hurt "inside." You get where I'm going with this.

*Warning - if you are easily grossed out, proceed with caution*

His appointment Thursday morning, with Dr. Rachel Stucky (nice name!) confirmed an ear infection...and also excessive ear wax, which we have known about for quite some time. Wayne took Tyler to the appointment and relayed how well Tyler did while waiting for Dr. Stucky to clean out his ears. She was able to clean out enough on one side to see that he had an infection, but there was too much on the other side, so now we have to give him some ear drops to help clear it out. Get this - we will be putting stool softener in our son's ears. This should be interesting. :) Anyway, hopefully this will clear up his ear wax before his follow up appointment so the doctor can see to examine his ear.

On another note, Wayne has put his Christmas money to good use. His Nikon D40 arrived today. We are both quite excited to try it out and take some better quality pictures. Hopefully I'll have some pictures to post soon! Don't worry, no ear wax pictures are on the way.

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Kathy Beachy said...

He should be hearing much better.