Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas (& New Years) in Middlebury

Sunday night we arrived in Middlebury. We only got to town a little before my parents returned from their trip to Virginia to see Tim and Carrie's family. We enjoyed seeing their pictures from being together. They were very positive about their time together. I miss you guys!

On Monday, we enjoyed seeing Dave and Teneesa's new baby boy, Owen. Again, I failed to take pictures! He is quite a cutie. We enjoyed just getting caught up with them.Wayne was able to go along to help Dave pick out the fish and some supplies for Amelia's new fish tank. Tyler and Amelia enjoyed playing together.

Mom and Dad have both taken care of us at the office. I didn't get great news related to my carpal tunnel syndrome. In layman's terms, according to my Dad, my arms are "dead." I guess it was not a surprise, anyway.

Yesterday, I started out the day with a massage! That is definitely the way to start the day. Mom and Dad had to work Monday and Tuesday, and Dad worked Wednesday morning. But, we went bowling yesterday morning with Mom. In the afternoon, the men split wood and Brennan came over to play with Tyler. (Brennan is my cousin, Matt's, son). They had fun playing together. Here they are, playing baseball on the Wii.

We enjoyed time with family in the evening and even Skyped with Lynette and Rusty late last night. Tyler didn't go to sleep until 1 am, which we believe is a record for him. The latest night in his life so far! (Throughout the day, he has asked to take a nap). Today, we had our traditional waffle breakfast and opened Christmas presents. Tonight is fondue! Being home is quite nice!


Rustin and Lynette Polinder said...

It was so fun seeing your faces on SKYPE! I'm sad that we couldn't be there for the waffles and fondue, but I'm glad you guys still went ahead and upheld the tradition. Miss and love you...

Rustin and Lynette Polinder said...
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