Wednesday, December 17, 2008

treasure hunt

Last night, Ted and Sue braved the snowy roads to be with us. First, they took us out to eat at Lee's Chinese Restaurant. Then, Sue had planned a treasure hunt to help Tyler find his Christmas gift from them.

First, she explained what a treasure hunt was.

Then, they were off!

Daddy helping Tyler read a clue.

Tyler found a clue on the piano...

and in the dishwasher! (Among other places, like the refrigerator, car seat, etc)

And, after 12 clues, his gift.

A new Radio Flyer Scooter!

He quickly located the bell...and loves it, as well as his new scooter!
He rode it around until bedtime, ringing the bell.

Then, he had to have it by his bed for the night. Wayne said Tyler woke him this morning by riding his scooter into the bedroom, and ringing the bell!
I think the gift was a hit, Grandpa and Grandma!


Rach said...

All I have to say is, "Ding...Ding, Ding." :)

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