Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ruining angers

Just now, Tyler was being taken (ok, carried unwillingly) to time out, and he yelled,

"You are ruining my angers. My anger is stronger than you-ers."

He is now, but we are definitely getting out the Wii Fit to burn some little boy energy!! This cold weather makes entertaining a little more challenging. :)


Carrie said...

Cuteness. :) :) Every time Gabe gets his "sassy face" on where his hands go on his hips, his mouth goes into a snoot, and his eyebrows are glowering - I must admit, it's pretty hilarious. :)

And oh, yes. Little boy energy. Know all about that one. When it was warmer and Gabe was acting squirmy-squirrelly, I would make him go run around the house three times. Maybe I need to put them on the treadmill. :)

Rustin and Lynette Polinder said...

Awwww..i love him in all of his anger.

Rach said...

What would we do without Tyler and his quotes??? :)

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