Tuesday, December 23, 2008

red scratch

Yesterday, I woke up with what I thought was a large scratch on my face. I thought it was weird, but just figured I had scratched myself with my ring, in my sleep. Well, by last evening, when I got a closer look at it, it looks like a (large) line of red raised bumps. And it's a little itchy. And, of course, it shows up when we're on a trip and I can't just go see the doctor. Yes, as a little worry wart, I've thought of such things as the MERSA virus, a mutant allergic reaction, ...

When I called Mom last night and told her, she laughed. Hard. She remembers that when I was growing up, it seemed I always did something or come down with something right before a trip.

The things I remember are:
1) Crouching a little too close to the space heater after a bath...and ending up with grid marks on my toosh. I think that was right before a trip to Disney.
2) I broke my big toe - the only bone I've ever broken - right before a trip to Washington DC. (Where we anticipated lots of sightseeing and walking).
And finally,
3) I remember getting strep throat right before a long road trip to see National Parks out west. I think they made me wear a mask and Dad took a couple of my antibiotics...just in case.

I guess in comparison, this isn't so bad! :) So, if and when you see me soon...just know that it's okay to mention it. I know you'll notice! :)

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