Saturday, December 13, 2008

My little sleeper

I know that this may be boring reading...but to me, who wondered whether getting Tyler to sleep without me in the room would ever happen, and never thought it would be this painless, it's pretty exciting.

After 2 weeks of Tyler going to sleep without me laying next to him, but me sitting in the glider until he fell asleep, I realized that Tyler thought I was sleeping in his room all the glider... I know that's what he thought, because he told me so. :) So, I started leaving the room after his nightly routine. Since I have been leaving the room, he nightly wants to be a "baby burrito" (lightly swaddled), has music or a story playing, and has to have his teddy bear and his elephant to snuggle with. According to Tyler, he needs them, "in case I have bad dreams." But, after a few nights of needing lots of things after I tucked him in (different music, a drink, use the bathroom, etc), he has been doing great.

Last night at 2 (something) a.m., I awoke to Tyler standing quietly next to me. He gave me a kiss. I sat up and followed him to his room where he quietly said, "baby burrito." I tucked him in, we said I love yous and he was down again. (In the past, when he has woken up, he has usually just yelled for me from his bed - I thought the kiss was a sweet alternative).


Rach said...

So sweet!

Melissa said...

awwww!!!! i keep trying to picture this going down, but i still don't actually believe that tyler speaks, soo .... (i'm pretty sure the videos are doctored.)

Melody Stuckey said...

Yes - I have a shy boy. You know, if we could just live closer to one another... OK, maybe I should give up hope of convincing anyone to move to Kansas. :)

Rach said...

Yeah, you need to move to Indianapolis instead! :)