Sunday, September 28, 2008


Please forgive my lack of posts recently...being back at work has really affected how much time I allot myself online. Last weekend, we spent a lot of time at Pat and Lisa's. After many months of waiting, they moved into their new house! Wayne helped move their things and I helped with painting. As cliche as it sounds, I feel like I'm getting old. I was sore and tired for several days following and finally feel recovered now. :)

This weekend, we enjoyed taking it easy. We spent Friday night getting Tyler's picture taken, eating at Pei Wei (a family favorite) and went to Target. But before we left, I found out that my little nephew, Zion, was born! We got to skype with them. It was a happy evening. :)

Later, Tyler pointed to a picture of a baby and told me that it was cute. He said that he wished he had a little baby. I asked whether he was jealous that his cousin, Gabe, as a new baby. He said, "no, it's okay if he has a baby, but I want one too." :) Unfortunately, so far neither Tyler or I have been successful in convincing Wayne that we need another baby around here.

Last night, Matt and Michelle had the Jaberg's and us over for hamburgers and the weather was so pleasant that we ate outside. We had a great time.

Today, I got to talk to Lynette for the first time since they moved back to Thailand. I'm such a bad sister, I hadn't called her yet. We had a great conversation... and it makes it feel like she doesn't live quite so far away. I'm not jealous of all the worms her Thai friends are giving to her to eat. She claims they taste like popcorn...and told Tyler that too. Hopefully he doesn't get any ideas.

This afternoon, we spent some time at the park

Crazy Wayne!

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