Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Potty troubles.

I don't quite know what to think. We thought Tyler was daytime potty trained. He had gotten to the point that we weren't reminding him and he was starting to go by himself without needing one of us to stand there with him. But he has had fairly regular potty accidents since I started back to work. (Generally not on a daily basis, but often enough). I know that kids can regress when they are stressed or there is a big change. Apparently my going back to work is a big enough change.

We have tried rewarding him for making it to the bathroom on time and for trying to go even when he doesn't want to. But, alas, he continues to have trouble. The other night after he had wet his pants, I was asking him what we could do to help him stay dry.

He said, "but you just go to work and go to work..."

I feel bad for him, but really, it's just the way it has to be. I just can't stop going to work.

Last night, after he pooped in his underwear, I told him a story about my Grandpa (David). I explained (my Aunt Betty told me this) that Grandpa said that if little boys poop their pants, we should scrub their bottoms with a toilet brush and put them in a cold shower. He first looked surprised by my story, and asked why. I explained. Then he got teary and said he didn't want Grandpa David to be dead. So, that ended that discussion about potty time and became a conversation about dying.

Other than praise, taking him even when he doesn't want to go and, um for lack of a better term, threats, any other suggestions out there? I don't know if it's a matter of time for him to adjust to the change in schedule or if there is some magic trick I'm just not trying.

This may be too much honesty for a blog, but, it's what's really been on my mind lately.


Carrie said...

Oh, man. That's sort of frustrating and perplexing. Hmmm. Would it work to have a chart with stickers and give him something to work towards if he can stay dry? I always think charts are such marvelous things and absolutely never get around to doing them. :) I don't know, Melody. Probably it will just take time, do you think? If it's any comfort, Gabriel seems to have regressed some whininess/sassiness/obedience-wise. Sigh. I think it's because he's had a busy couple of weeks. I hope. I'm just hoping Babe #3 will be exciting for him instead of something else that makes him whine for Mommy. He's in a very Mommy-whiny stage and it drives me absolutely beserkers. Like, Mommy needs to do everything, including all the things he can do by himself, and no one is the right substitute for Mommy. Maybe this is an age thing. Maybe that's why Tyler is having a harder time too. I'll try to pray for you about the potty thing.

Kris said...

I imagine this is very frustrating. Andrew's still not real interested in the potty thing right now but I think the regression is a more difficult issue. The exact thing happened to another friend of mine... her husband was at home with their daughter, who was potty-trained. But as soon as she returned to teaching in the fall, it all stopped. I don't think they put a whole lot of effort into it again until the next summer but she was only a little over 3 the second time around so the scenario was a bit different.

Wish I had some great advice for you but alas I don't. I will say that Emma peed on the potty for months before she would ever even attempt to poop on the potty. Finally it took me completely acting like I didn't even care. No longer praising, asking, encouraging, rewarding, etc. I know it sounds contradictory to our whole training, etc., but I think she needed to feel like it was something she was in control of. After a ocuple of days of me completely laying off, she all of a sudden pooped in the potty one day... for what it's worth, it might be worth a shot. Or like yoiu said, maybe he just needs a few more weeks to adjust. Good luck!!

Melody Stuckey said...

Thank you both for your wise and understanding words! I think I'll give the "not paying too much attention" a try. Can't hurt - might help. :)