Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tyler, what is going on? :)

Last evening after we got home, it took awhile to get Tyler to settle down. At bedtime he quite strange - it was so out of character, I still don't know what to think. I was laying down with him and he said he needed a new pillow. I got him a little froggy pillow. He laid quietly then suddenly sat up, and cried out that he did not want the pillow, would never want it again and threw it across the room. He settled down and was quiet for about 2 minutes. Then he began whimpering which turned into loud crying saying that he was scared and needed his froggy pillow. I retrieved it. He settled down and then within a few minutes again began crying that he did not want it, he hated it and would never want it again. (Yes, quite dramatic). Instead of letting him throw it, I took it. He needed some reassuring that it was not touching him and was not in the bed with him. I again thought he was going to go to sleep when he freaked out again that he was scared and desperately needed it. I gave it to him again and he finally fell asleep. WHAT IS GOING ON?

Today I was asking him about it to try to figure out whether he was awake when this was going on. He said he remembered it. He said, "I woved it, then not woved it, woved it, then not woved it..."

Tonight he told me, "You and me are monsters."
I asked what kind of monsters we were.
"The kind of monsters that take tags off."
Me, "Why would we want to do that?"
Tyler, "We would eat the tags. Do you fink the tags are pretty yummy?"
Silly, random boy.

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