Monday, September 15, 2008

Trike riding

We just got in from a little evening trike ride, well Tyler anyway. I just had to write this before I forget. I should preface this by saying that Tyler has been into making up his own (nonsense) words lately, and then he likes to explain what they mean.

One time around on his trike, I had given him a little push with my foot. He came around the driveway again and said (very nicely), "Don't pist into me."

I asked him what "pist" was.

He said, "it's like making somebody go fast. Like pushing into them." (Whew).

"Pisting is a little trike that you push them on to go fast."

I have determined that he is turning the Piston Cup into a verb (where there is a lot of crashing, pushing, etc).

And for a potty update - since the day I posted about my concerns, I've decided to relax and just make it not as big of a deal. Tyler has still had a few accidents, but it has been noticeably better! Yay! And, I think he seems happier and more adjusted to me being at work. Not that he still doesn't talk about missing me or not wanting me to work, but he seems better. That is a big relief for me!

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Liz said...

aw, pist! hahaha
i get sad leaving my dog at home when i leave for work.. maybe i shouldn't have kids. :)