Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Wednesday, December 23, a few hours after work, we left on our holiday trek. We had decided to travel through the night to avoid a coming storm. It worked out nicely as the children slept and we had no traffic or weather problems. It went so smoothly, in fact that when we got to Des Moines, IA, Ted and Wayne started driving under the speed limit because we were making such good time. I was so thankful that Ted and Wayne did the driving because I have a hard time staying awake for nighttime driving.

We arrived safely and enjoyed breakfast at 5 am at The Big Apple.

Aubrey seemed a little confused about what was going on. It was pretty early and much colder outside than in Kansas. :)

Bob and Isabel graciously welcomed us in to their home, as we couldn't check into our hotel until that afternoon. They even rounded up some high chairs to seat Aubrey and Jillian during our visit. Tyler thought he'd test this one out.

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