Sunday, January 16, 2011

A lesson on the Amish

Yesterday, Tyler and Wayne were watching a show about Alaskan bush pilots, Flying Wild: Alaska. (Grandpa Norm might want to check this one out).

Anyway, while watching some of the harsh conditions that a village faces in the winter, Wayne asked if Tyler would want to live in a place that was so cold so much of the year.

Tyler said, "No way. Especially if I was Amish."

Wayne replied, "Yeah, because they couldn't drive in heated cars to get around..."

Tyler quickly chimed in, "And their feet with be so cold with NO SHOES!"

So we had a little lesson on what the Amish do without (and the fact that they do, in fact, wear shoes). :)


Carolyn said...

now that is really funny.

Tim said...

Actually in Georgia there's an Amish Community called "barefoot Amish." They practice double shunning so they don't even talk to other barefoot Amish that associate with shoe-wearers.

"Is he serious?" No.