Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Massive Christmas Picture Post

OK - so I took our old not-so-great camera on the trip. Because it's little. But since it doesn't take great pictures, I found that I barely used it. So, for this post I am nearly completely borrowing other people's shots (at least before we get to a few measly pictures of Christmas in Middlebury).

Starting off with a picture of us eating breakfast at the hotel. (On our final day there, but I must admit that getting this post together was a challenge...so I'm leaving well enough alone). :)

Aubrey loved climbing on the hotel hearth...and the stairs...and pretty much anything she could hoist herself onto.

Lovin' those hotel stairs.

This was the start of the Monopoly game...by the end we had some different players at the table because of those busy babies. We all loved the hotel too. :)

Grandma snuggling Jillian and Aubrey who are wearing their new matching outfits from her.

Birthday twins!

Aubrey on Christmas Day

Busy girls. Aubrey loved playing with the Christmas coasters.

Tyler is reading to/with Aunt Isabel.

Bob drawing his number for the Naughty Nutcracker gift exchange.

The neighbor's impressive snow man.

Wayne with the girls. Enjoying that singing card.

Me with the girls. Rachel and Wayne smiling in the background.

On Christmas Eve we enjoyed a steady snow fall all day. There was no wind and the flakes were huge. I think we got around 7 inches that day. So, both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day there was lots of snow play.

Here the boys are working on a little snow man, even though the snow was not great for packing yet. :)

Wayne and Tyler sledding.

Tyler and Sue are ready to go, Hollins helps them to get ready.

Tyler enjoying the snow.

On December 26, we headed to Decatur, Indiana and enjoyed spending the afternoon with Grandpa's, Wayne and Billie, and Uncle Max.

Aubrey really enjoyed spitting her water out all over her shirt(s) until they were soaked. Ewww.

Daddy, Tyler and Uncle Max playing Minotaurus at Grandpa Stuckey's.

At Grandpa Stuckey's trying on the hand knit sweaters from Aunt Isabel.

That evening, we headed to Mom and Dad's in Middlebury for the next week.

This is a pathetic few pictures.

Aubrey was quite interested in Zion. He was not quite so into it. I like Carrie's cute baby bump in the background too. :)

Aubrey getting a foot rub from Grandma Carol while examining the Gold Bond lotion.

Celebrating New Year's Eve with the Yoder family.  It was at this gathering that Tyler enjoyed FOUR of Grandma Polly's Yoder Delight desserts. And later declared them to be his (new) favorite food. It is a ring of pineapple with a slice of caramelized sweetened condensed milk topped with Cool Whip and a cherry.

We traveled home to Kansas through the night on January 1. I have some more videos and post-traveling pictures to post. The babe has awoken. Perhaps later this afternoon...

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Melissa said...

LOVE Aubrey's expression in the "twins" photo ... and Tyler, I'M IMPRESSED with the Polly Pineapple intake!