Friday, January 28, 2011


Maybe it's the fact that the anniversary of Olive's death was last Saturday, January 22. Maybe it's the fact that yesterday my Parents, Aunt and Cousin all left on a flight to Thailand to visit Lynette and Rusty. (And I was happy to learn that they arrived safely). Maybe it's the fact that I went through the photo book of Olive's life last night.

Whatever the "reason," I've been thinking a lot about Olive's life...from the moment I learned Lynette was in labor with Olive to her funeral.
From the day Olive was born, I found myself at a loss. I worried. I prayed. I called. I wanted to help, but didn't know how. I marveled at pictures of the precious little sweetheart who amazed me with her feisty spirit, day after day. And my heart ached when I heard how many difficult decisions Lynette and Rusty were forced to make along the way.

When we arrived in Indiana for Olive's funeral, I didn't know how to handle bringing a baby in to the space where I knew Rusty and Lynette's hearts were breaking. I couldn't imagine the depth of their pain. In the midst of my fumbling and awkwardness, Lynette and Rusty were loving and forgiving.
I am thankful for Lynette's ability to express herself and share her experience. I'm thankful for the many who have surrounded Lynette and Rusty with love - for those who have had the right words, as I so often fail, and have been there for them in so many ways.

I'm thankful for the love of friends and family near and far. For those who have listened to me too. Who have given hugs and words of love.

I am so happy that Mom, Dad, Anna and Katrina are with Lynette and will soon also be with Rusty. It makes my heart happy.

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