Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day!

And finally, after this blog post binge, I have caught up to the present...

Today was a snow day for Tyler and I. Today, we actually got a lot done. Dentist appointment for Tyler, shopping trip for birthday and later for groceries and...snow play!

OK, so Aubrey was basically outside for a few pictures, then we scurried back in...because though she is wearing several layers, today's snow day was for extremely cold temperatures and It.Was.Cold. Thanks to Trina for the cute coat, and to Melissa for the warm hat (which is a Tyler hand-me-down - I know it's too small, but it is so warm and soft)!

Since this was our first Kansas snow of the season, Wayne and Tyler wanted to take advantage of it and braved the cold to go sledding for awhile with our neighbor kids. They had a great time but others they were with were not so impressed with the cold weather. Tyler said the only part of him that got cold was his eyes. I don't think we're going to invest in a pair of ski goggles yet though. :)

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