Sunday, January 16, 2011

Owl Birthday Cake

A side note before the cake...yesterday Wayne jokingly said (repeatedly), "Now that Aubrey is 1, she will sleep through the night...right?" Well, what do you know, she did! Maybe we'll have to try that encouragement more often! So here is the babe this morning.

Anyway, on to the cake. You may remember that Aubrey's room has an owl theme.

So, I wanted to make an owl cake.
I took inspiration from Sara.

However, I wanted to keep it as simple as possible, and I think this went the fastest of any birthday cake I've made so far.  I started with my go-to birthday cake recipe these days, America's Test Kitchen Old Fashioned Chocolate Layer Cake with Chocolate Frosting. Yum!

Then (for what I thought was going to be a shortcut that I've only used once before) I bought the pink frosting in a squeeze tube. I didn't realize until I was ready to use it that it was supposed to be used with special Cake Mate decorating tips. Boo. So, I manually held on my Wilton decorating tips. Ha! Anyway, add some Oreos and Junior Mints for the eyes, Bugles for the ears (covered in frosting) and beak, and voila!
An Owl!

(And I almost forgot the edible glitter sprinkled on doesn't show up in pictures, but I think it's fun)!


Carolyn said...

Too cute. Yaaaah! Aubrey for sleeping the night and letting Mommy sleep.

The Hartsocks said...

what a cute cake - and of course a cute b-day girl too! she is just adorable!

anna said...

how cute, and such a great idea!