Tuesday, July 28, 2009


For the third year in a row, two neighbor families go to Tahlequah, Oklahoma for a week of cabin "camping." This year, we brought down our tent and joined them for a day. We headed down on Sunday and back last night. (We got in late - about 1 am). The main event was a (lazy river) rafting trip down the Illinois river.

Wayne spent a lot more time out of the raft than in it. He had a great time!

We picked up a puppy en route. Apparently, he had ridden in about 5-6 other group's rafts throughout the day before ours. Later, someone at the campsite volunteered to take care of him. Though, I witnessed lots of delicious treats being given by different campers. I think he may have hit a gold mine!

We're home, now getting ready for a trip to Delaware on Thursday!

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