Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Well, even though Thanksgiving has not officially arrived, having Hollins and Rachel (and Ted and Sue) around last week made it feel like it had. Yesterday and today have held some post-holiday blues at my house. Wayne has been kind of moping around. Both Tyler and Wayne have said that they miss Hollins and Rachel. Being with family always makes us wish we all lived closer together.

Some follow ups and little tidbits -
1. Tyler did continue to sleep through the night when we came home from Hesston on Sunday. That was quite nice!
2. Tyler's using the word "excited" in place of "decided." For example, "I excited that I want to play dinosaurs."
3. Last evening, we bought Tyler a mattress and stuffed it in the Focus hatchback. :0) Not having a truck or van generally makes hauling bigger items prohibitive. (Thanks, Rachel, for the idea of trying the car). Tyler slept in his new bed, and didn't roll out!
4. The lobster has escaped again...but not with his life this time. He has officially expired. :(


Rach said...

We miss you guys already too! You'll have to post pics of Ty's new bed...I'd love to see it. I'm sorry to hear about your pretty, blue lobster. Do you think you'll get a new one or is the death of one enough? :) Hope you guys have a great official Thanksgiving day!!

Melody Stuckey said...

I will work on that picture - hopefully tonight.
I think that's the last of lobsters in our tank - mostly because it's borrowed from Pat and Lisa and we're not sure how long we'll have it.

Have a great Thanksgiving Day yourself!!