Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Conversations from the back seat.

Tonight Oliver came over to play. On the way home from picking Oliver up, I enjoyed listening to their conversation:

When I buckled Oliver in, he said, "thanks for buckling me in, Mel."
I said, "you're welcome, sweetie!"
I buckled Tyler in, and he said,"thanks for buckling me, Mommy."
:) Imitating nice manners is fine with me.

Oliver turned on the car light to look at a book. I didn't say anything.
Tyler: "Turn off the light."
Oliver: "Why?"
Tyler: "You're wasting electricity." (Umm...what? That normally doesn't stop Tyler).
Oliver: "Oh." (Turnes it off).

Then I was listening to the radio when my thoughts were interrupted by their conversation.

Tyler: "I went to Florida and Myrtle Beach."
Oliver: "I wish I could have gone with you. Why didn't you invite me?"
Tyler: "Well, ...(pause as he is thinking)... you didn't have time to come."

After that, I was tuned in. (And I explained that I'm sure Tyler would have invited Oliver if he could have). :)