Saturday, November 29, 2008


Our holiday break has been very relaxing. We've enjoyed being with friends for a play date, shopping around for new carpet for our basement (which is still yucky from when our sump pump failed this summer), and saw the movie, Bolt.
On Thanksgiving, in addition to having a nice meal at Hesston College, we spent time decorating. "We" meaning, Tyler and I. Tyler got quite excited about it all. This is really the first year he seems to have been interested in such things. This fall, our neighbors were cleaning things out and gave us an "extra" 7-foot tree they had, which is much bigger and nicer than the 3-footer we've always used. Tyler wanted to get multi-colored lights for our 3-foot tree, that I decided to put outside this year. (Though Wayne and I prefer white lights, I thought it'd be fun for Tyler, and I was not disappointed). When Tyler first saw the tree, he tried to give it a hug and a kiss, declared his love for it, and named it,..."Dorky." Ahh, what a lovely name. Here's a picture of Dorky.


Melissa said...

dorky?!?!? I LOVE IT!!!! Tyler, you crack me open!

Carolyn said...

I love the Dorky tree