Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Came across this website today...and not only are the recipes intriguing, I really enjoyed her writing. And writing about bribing her kids reminded me of my recent post about Tyler's incentive chart. I never said that "my kid will never"__________, but I have done and said things I didn't think that I would. :)

In any case, she has some fun and tasty-looking seasonal recipes that I'd like to try too...
Full disclosure here - I'm only allowing myself to eat sugar (and things that are high in carbs) one day a I don't bake or make sweets nearly as often as I used to. So, I may not get to these...but a girl can dream. :) (And make things for other people).

(click on the picture for the link)

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Renita said...

melly,you have the best blog ever. i love your style, colors and pictures. love it love it love it. plus you're dedicated to it. i wish i would blog every day. aaron and i recently switched our lifestyle to about 80% raw food. so yah, life is definitely different when it's not centered around food. not used to it and can't say i love it yet but i am proud of you for cutting down to 1 day a week with sweets.