Saturday, September 24, 2011


If you were around when I was growing up, you know that my mother tried a vast array of chore charts to motivate us to help with housework. We never got an allowance, but we were able to earn money by helping with housework. When we were young, we had different jars to help us to "manage" our money. I remember a Jesus jar (tithing), a savings and spending jar. When we got a little older, we were responsible to buy some basic toiletries and clothing for ourselves.

All that to say, we have tinkered around with different ways of earning rewards. Sticker charts never seemed to matter to Tyler - even as a toddler with potty training. He could have cared less about earning stickers. And a chore chart working toward earning money didn't have much of an impact either. Perhaps that is due to his age. I have found it difficult to give Tyler an allowance. I tried and it lasted a whole 2 weeks or so. I think because of the way I grew up, it seemed like something he should earn. An incentive always helps when we're working on learning a new skill or helping around the house.  I wanted a way for him to be able to learn the value of working toward a goal and not just have things handed to him. So, after a little trial and error, I think we stumbled upon a little method that works pretty well for us.

Tyler helps to pick out a toy, with my guidelines/suggestions. I make a chart (with lots of boxes) for him to earn that reward. He earns x's for doing things that are asked of him. For example, I was tired of him leaving his tooth brushing supplies and blobs of toothpaste around the sink. So, if he cleans up after brushing without a reminder, he earns 1 x. This has come in quite handy as a motivator for doing things he doesn't really want to do - and he will do it without complaint, especially if he is earning x's. We keep the toy on the refrigerator. He likes to pull it down and read the package with excited anticipation, often asking for what he could do to earn x's, and counting down how many more x's he needs.

Tyler's currently earning this Bakugan set.

What motivator do you/ have you used with your kids that has worked well for you?

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Carrie said...

Great idea, Melody! I'll have to copy that. Yeah, I'm messing around with the whole chore chart thing right now too, trying to figure out what will work best for us. Nothing nailed down yet.