Sunday, October 16, 2011

21 Months

At 21 months, Aubrey is talking more (in words we can understand) :) - and on October 1, started nodding yes and saying "uh huh" instead of saying "no" in answer to every question. This was quite a happy thing for Wayne and I, as it makes communicating much easier!

Elmo and "Coco" (cookie monster) have captured Aubrey's heart. No, to be more accurate, are quite an obsession of hers. She often asks to watch Elmo (Sesame Street), listen to Elmo in the car, and read Elmo books at bedtime and in between.
Her blankie and pacifier at nap and bedtime are essentials.

She is eating more foods, but is generally adamant that she feed herself.

She is still enamored with dogs, and really, any animals. She also loves babies. She gets a little pout quite often, but when she thinks a baby or animal is sweet, she pushes her lower lip out, cocks her head to the side and makes little "ohhh" sounds. It is quite sweet. She gives sweet hugs with a pat, and lots of kisses too - sometimes with her pacifier still in place.

She continues to be a very active girl, with little fear. She keeps us on our toes! :)


Kathy Beachy said...

That is the most adorable picture of Aubrey! I showed it to Grandpa Henry and Grandma Polly.

Liz said...

She is so stinkin cute! I love those curls. :)